The Maritime Consultancy House

A Collaboration of Hands-on Maritime Experts

What we offer:

Strategy development, business optimization
 Market forecast modelling
Change management in organisations
Resource management (incl. HR)
Sustainability development and reporting
Technical consulting
Shipbuilding & shipmanagement Know How
General technical trouble shooting
Project & funding management
Training and education
HSQE development and management
Development and facilitation of knowledge network
Facilitation of workshops, conferences and seminars
Innovation optimization
Regional cluster development and management
Cross-border business development
Supply chain projects and project sales
Bridge building between business/ international partners

Let’s  explore together how MariconHouse’ chain of maritime expertise can lift you up
Let’s explore together how MariconHouse’ chain of maritime expertise can lift you up

Basic information

MariconHouse is your single point of contact, chaining consultancy and advisory services efficiently together.
We link and share our diversified expertise in a critical way to ensure that we generate value for those we serve.

Our Vision

We want to provide the global maritime sector with one (1) advisory and consultancy organisation, which covers the entire global maritime sector’s present and future needs.

Our Mission

We want to deliver maritime advisory and consultancy services of high quality to our customers.
Such services are based on a strong and positive interplay between maritime experts, who all possess different knowledge, competences, talents and skills as well as hands-on experience within their respective fields of expertise.

To us “High Quality” means, that our advisory and consultancy services are;



Future focused



Quality focused



Value adding

Our Values

Our Values are six (6) value words, which we all live 24/7/365, to the benefit of ourselves – and our customers







What matters the most - to you

The benefits you get from trusting the collective pool of  MariconHouse advisors and consultants, is always visible and what we deliver, always matters!


Because we always

focus on Results (rather than on activities)

keep things simple (or at least we try)

share our collective and massive networks, knowledge and experiences (to ensure you get the best)

put things into the right perspective (as we see, understand and include the whole picture)

include also the challenges and opportunities of the future (our focus is never narrow)

dare to speak the truth (always)

are hands-on focused (as we know by experience, that it matters)

are dedicated (it is also our industry and we want to make a difference to our colleagues!)

speak the various ‘global maritime languages’ (at sea and ashore)

give our customer extra in addition to normal standards

have reasonable prices – value for money

We give you

a unique collaboration of some of the best experts, also from your area of interest

a comprehensive and diversified maritime service platform

a diversified, but also effective and cost efficient solution (always)

the best from within our (and your) respective fields of expertise

to-the-point advisory and consultancy services


We are a bunch of shipping / maritime nerds, who have all proven that we live and burn for the maritime industry.We have chosen to work together, as we have realized that together we can make a difference to our industry, to its stakeholders and to our wonderful and dedicated colleagues operating at sea and ashore.In short: We are truly purpose driven!